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You Can Get Relief From Your Tinnitus Re-Take Control Of Your Life

Tinnitus can't be cured, but it can be treated. At Austin Hearing We understand the difficulties that Tinnitus can cause. We know that Tinnitus Therapy can help you overcome them.



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Improving your hearing, will change your world

At Austin Hearing we understand the difficulties that you face daily, we understand the impact that hearing loss can have on your life. We only use the best hearing devices so we know that we have a solution for you



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We offer individual and personal service in a warm and friendly environment. If you are worried about your hearing, suffer with Tinnitus, or are an experienced hearing aid user looking for a premium experience.



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Hi, I’m Dr. Margaret Hutchison, Ph.D., and I want to help you enjoy life to the fullest again. In fact, that’s why I decided to become an audiologist. Whether I’m fitting my patients for hearing aids, performing hearing tests, assessing the need for hearing instruments, exploring new frontiers in clinical research, or presenting my work, I’m committed to creating a nurturing, caring atmosphere for each and every one of my patients. We are committed to you and your ability to hear better.

We Want A Relationship, Not A Sale

Developing relationships over time is one of our main goals at Austin Hearing Services. That’s why we offer a full range of audiology services, digital hearing aids and hearing tests, including innovative options such as iPad apps that actually allow you to see your tinnitus, air and bone conduction, speech and noise discrimination tests, and even counseling services to help you move through the feelings of isolation and disconnection that are so commonly experienced by those with hearing loss.

Professional Hearing Aid Delivery in a Warm & Friendly Environment

Together with my welcoming, professional staff of highly trained audiologists, we’ll help you learn about your options — and to choose the most effective treatment for your unique situation. All you have to do is give us a call today at 512-687-1117 and take the first step down the path to regaining your hearing.

Don't listen to us, here's what our Patients say

Listen in as a patient shares his experience with Dr. Hutchison at Austin Hearing Services.

Helping Austin & Central Texas residents
regain the joy of hearing.
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Do you feel left out of the conversation? Are you finding it harder and harder to follow along in business meetings? Do you worry that your hearing loss may affect your employability? Is the act of listening causing you frustration… and fatigue?

Hearing Aids & Hearing Care in Central Texas

Austin Hearing Services can help! Since we opened our doors in 1999, we have been working with Austin residents just like you, helping our clients from all over Central Texas to regain the joy of hearing and to grab hold of life again. We know that we can help you, too.

There’s no reason to resign yourself to a muffled, silent life. Simply call us at 512-687-1117 today and learn how our hearing tests, hearing aids and audiology services can help you.

Our services

Hearing Aids in Central Texas

We only use state of the art digital hearing devices from the best hearing aid manufacturers available. We offer a full range of hearing instruments from all of the top manufacturers. Our goal is to provide with premium hearing care and top quality hearing aids.

Hearing Healthcare in Central Texas

Comprehensive hearing healthcare tests including diagnostic hearing tests and a full suite of balance tests. All types of hearing healthcare assessments undertaken, Tinnitus assessment and management, medical legal hearing loss Assessment and hearing aid evaluations.

Tinnitus Therapy in Central Texas

Tinnitus therapy that will help you manage the noise in your ears and the difficulties it causes. Tinnitus can't be cured, but it can be treated. We offer compassionate care and coping mechanisms along side therapy strategies. Let us help you manage your Tinnitus

Why Choose Us

Professional service in a friendly environment

We pride ourselves on providing professional individualised services in a friendly and warm environment

The most modern diagnostic equipment available

We have invested heavily in the most modern clinical diagnostic equipment to deliver the most comprehensive clinical diagnostic procedures

Best Practice Processes

We use internationally recognised best practice processes and procedures in our testing

The best hearing aids available

We use only state of the art hearing aids from the best global hearing aid manufacturers

The best hearing aid fitting

We use the best equipment available to ensure your hearing instruments are fitted exactly as they should be

Comprehensive after care

Comprehensive aftercare, because we know the hearing aid is just the start of your journey

Our Process

We deliver comprehensive diagnostic testing using the best equipment available in order that we have accurate in-depth results. Because it is only with in-depth results that we can design and deliver an individualised treatment plan that will improve your life.

Whether you are being treated for Tinnitus, balance problems or hearing loss, we will design and deliver an individualised treatment plan that caters to your needs.

No matter what service you are availing of, we know that you will need comprehensive after care. You can expect that our team will deliver the after care that you need when you need it.

State Of The Art Hearing Aids From The Best Manufacturers in Central Texas

Do You Want To Hear Better & Re-Connect With Your Life ?

We Can help

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