Hearing Aid Refitting

I have seen and heard that customers are comparing prices all over the place. Some are looking at Big Box Stores, Pharmacies, even at “Wally World”.
As a hearing aid wearer and working in the industry, I have found that the performance of a high end set of hearing aids is dramatically limited
by who will be fitting the devices.

Case in point, I spent a large amount of money on a pair of “Name brand” hearing aids. They are considered to be a leading brand and considered by many to be some of the Best hearing devices available. I have a severe High Frequency hearing loss and the Audiologist convinced me that these babies will do the job for me. After the dust settled and I used the hearing aids for a couple months i noticed that the Aids did not change my circumstances that much. I still could not hear and understand what people were saying.

I contacted my professional that said that was all they could do for me short of surgery. Wow, depression hit me like a ton of bricks. What alternatives did i have left. Shortly after the frustration I changed jobs and started with a new Practice where I met Dr. Hutchison. She asked me about my current aids and the fitting. She said that I most likely would not be able to hear very well because of a lack of compression. I tried a pair of Siemens Binax Hearing aids. The outcome was Remarkable. I actually could hear, even my grandchildren’s voices.

Finding the right audiologist is critical to a good fit and accurate selection for your hearing health. I have found that many people come in our office and have the bad fittings corrected by Dr. Hutchison. If you believe that you have a bad fitting feel free to call us and get some relief. Get the corrections needed to insure you will be happy with your hearing aids!

Remember, price is not the only thing, when you are looking at hearing aids, its whether or not you can use them.

Larry Bailey