Larry Bailey grew up in Northwest Louisiana and developed his work ethics as a young man working for his father’s business. He was taught that hard work and perseverance will always render great rewards and still believes this today.

Larry attended Louisiana Tech University

Over the ensuing years, He established a successful medical company targeted at helping people. As the owner he developed many skill sets, principles and business expertise that help him even today.

He states that he has been fortunate to be able to carry these skill sets, and abilities into his current work environment.

He is the father of three great children Anne, Brittany, and Ryan and a grandfather to twin boys Jack and Wyatt and a new little girl, Charlotte .

As Practice Manager and Hearing Instrument Specialist (apprentice) he is focused on taking the practice to new heights, following a desire to help as many people as he can along the way. The collective purpose is fulfilling the challenge of keeping a corporate direction and remaining focused on financial goals all while teaching, helping, and supporting the hard of hearing population in and around Austin, Texas area.

Larry has a severe sensorineural hearing loss and currently wears hearing aids. This makes him the perfect person to help in the difficult task of obtaining hearing aids.

Let him apply his knowledge of insurance claims, hearing aid products, pricing, and available options, to ensure the best results for you.

Give him a call today— (512) 687-1117