Larry Bailey

I’m originally from north Louisiana where I have lived most of my life. My Louisiana life was filled with hunting fishing, family, friends and playing guitar. I grew up eating some of the best food in the world all while enjoying music from the late 60’s and 70’s.

I have three children and two grandsons with another one on the way, that all live in and around the Charlotte North Carolina Area.

I lived my life working hard and experienced some level of success over the years. I founded and built a medical business that was sold in 2004. After my divorce, I decided to move to Texas to start my life over. It was challenging at first but I finally re-established a career and life again entering into the medical field once again.

After working for 6 years at another Audiology clinic here in Austin, I was offered the job in 2014 to work for Austin Hearing Services.

I try to exemplify the highest standards, along with providing top quality products and services to the deaf and hard hearing customers in our community. I genuinely care about people with hearing loss.

I have a Severe High Frequency Sensorineural hearing loss in both of my ears. When it comes to amplification, my handicap helps me understand better what our patients are looking for. It also allows me to directly test most of the newest hearing aid products.

My unique outlook and insight help me to guide patients to which hearing aids preform the best in life’s different environments.

Feel free to Call me If I can help you understand better, all the products, services, and prices in the World of Hearing Aids….