Austin Hearing Services Margaret Hutchison

American Board Of Audiology Certified, Doctor of Philosophy in Human Development and Communication Disorders, Woman Business Owner, Austin Leading Audiologist With an ADA certification as a Specialist in Tinnitus.

Austin Hearing Services was founded in 1999 by Margaret Hutchison. Dr. Hutchison has been an audiologist since 1983. She has done both clinical and research work.

Dedicated To Further Knowledge

Margaret was awarded a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Human Development and Communication Disorders from the University of Texas at Dallas in 1996. She has a number of publications and presentations, including “Auditory Temporal Integration and the Power Function Model” in the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America (1990) and “Hearing-Impaired Theater-goers Experience Direct Sound Input” in Hearing Instruments (1993).

Honoured By Her Peers

Margaret presented at the Society for Neuroscience in Toronto, Ontario, in 1988. She has been cited in Notable Women of Texas (1984) and Who’s Who In Science and Engineering (1991). The American Academy of Audiology honored Margaret with the Academy’s Scholar Award in 2011.

Margaret is a member of the American Auditory Society, the American Academy of Audiology, the American Speech and Hearing Association, the Academy of Rehabilitative Audiology and the Society for Neuroscience.She is also Audiology Board Certified.

About Me

I really love rehabilitative audiology (fitting hearing aids, assessing needs for hearing aids and other devices and counselling patients) because I get to know and develop a strong relationship over time with my patients. That is really what I love, when our Patients almost become part of our family. That and the smile on someone’s face when they can hear clearly.

My family has grown and I have been blessed with three beautiful granddaughters, ages 14 and two age 19 years whom I adore. I live with my husband Ron, and my Labrador Retrievers!
Margaret with her dogs
*Photos Taken by Beverly Guhl, a truly amazing professional photographer in NW Austin.